Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day One, what can I say?

Well, here goes. Day one on my journey.

I have nothing important to say but I thought it was about time I practised what I've been preaching to friends for the last few years. Each time someone tells me they can't think clearly or they have loads on their mind or they lie awake at night just thinking, I tell them to write it all down.It seems to be my answer to everything.

As the number of bodies in my house has increased, so too has the amount of laundry, toys, football paraphernalia (blog title refers to football boot studs not the fantasy kind!)and most importantly the noise level. They may be only three young men and one grumpyish, oldish man but they make the noise of an army mid-battle.

I find it difficult to tune out from their running commentary on who's done what to whom and why it's never their fault that another wrestling figure is lying at the bottom of the toybox having been decapitated. I found myself thinking about the wrong thing at the most inappropriate times and forgetting important information. This is why I have decided to get some of my thoughts down on here. I've tried keeping a diary but as with most things that pass through my hands I put them down in a "safe" place which is usually a little too safe and never found again. At least I won't be able to ram my blog into a bag that ends up at the charity shop or popping it in a box which then goes up the loft.

Does anyone else share my passion for keeping things in "safe" places and is there a special name for it?

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  1. I know this comment is on a month old post but I just found your blog after your kind comment on mine so I thought I would say hi!

    I hope that you start blogging. I found it quite difficult to start with, but there's no stopping me now!